This is a page devoted to Tim Briffa’s solo work, projects and writing. More to come soon!

Here is the pilot episode to Tim Briffa and Gobfrey Shrdlu’s occasional podcast series ‘Unlistenable’ in which they discuss the most effective ways to kill yourself, Freemasons, bestiality, ouijah boards, exorcist headmasters and pet kangeroos.

(Warning: Contains swearing and ideas which some may consider dangerous.)


And this is the first official episode in which Tim and Gobfrey finally resolve the age old question over whether or not there is a God.

Trailer for forthcoming mini-documentary about the translation and recording of Jacques Brel’s Next (Au Suivant.)

Teaser track from Tim’s forthcoming album of songs he wrote as a schoolboy entitled I Was A Teenage Pop Star.

Full script of How To Pick Up Girls -a play by Tim Briffa

How To Pick Up Girls- A Play by Tim Briffa (2006)